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- Thursday, June 03, 2004

Talkin' 'bout movin'

I was talkin to Davey today about how many different times we've moved...

travis (3:54:39 PM): where're you movin?
davey (3:54:52 PM): across town, cheaper place closer to campus
travis (3:55:19 PM): cool
davey (3:55:37 PM): yeah hopefully, fuckin hate movin shit though
travis (3:55:58 PM): haha, no shit
travis (3:56:12 PM): i can't wait till i get a damn house
davey (3:56:32 PM): goddamn for real, find somewhere i want to staaaay
davey (3:57:07 PM): this is like the 5th apartment in 5-6 years, its insanity
travis (3:58:23 PM): fuck, i haven't lived in the same place for over a year since my freshman year @ RIT in '97
davey (3:58:55 PM): lol i made 14 months here
davey (3:59:40 PM): dick st was damn near a year
travis (4:00:08 PM): Dorms > Olean > Racquet Hole > UC > Colony > UC > Dickstreet > Greece > Wilmer St > Wilmington St
davey (4:00:29 PM): goddamn! hahahah
travis (4:00:31 PM): that's a lot of movin
davey (4:00:49 PM): racquet hole
davey (4:00:50 PM): hahha
davey (4:02:12 PM): jesus i didn't even think of NJ
davey (4:02:16 PM): forgot i left a semester at dick st
travis (4:02:19 PM): oh yeah

Yeah, so basically I've moved a lot:
1997 Olean > Dorms > Olean (summer) > Racquet Hole > UC (summer) > Colony > UC (summer) > Dick St. > Greece > Wilmer St. > Wilmington St. > [NEW HOUSE] 2004

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