Travis's lame ol' blog

yay, Travis finally changed his blog!

- Sunday, May 12, 2002


you know what sux? mosquito bites. i hate them. i have one on each ankle and they're driving me nuts. i practically have to do some deep chi breathing and meditation not to itch them.

adult swim

"he looks so helpless and a chipmunk...but with a disease" - Coach McGurk


My lame guestbook is working.

- Friday, May 10, 2002



- Thursday, May 09, 2002

kill the old man...

- Tuesday, May 07, 2002


I am 63% addicted to Tahous. What about you?

- Monday, May 06, 2002

... - braindance / intelligent dance music


(not work safe) my dream girl is a cam whore [] :-/

- Sunday, May 05, 2002

video game music

just hearing fragments of old video games that i used to play brings out some kind of inner childhood fury from the depths of my subconscious.
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