Travis's lame ol' blog

yay, Travis finally changed his blog!

- Tuesday, July 30, 2002

these guys are pretty funny

- Sunday, July 28, 2002


i hit a deer with the volvo wagon the other night going about 70mph. my two passengers (Kevin and Ray) and i are fine. the deer is not (bambi went flying into the air), and my wallet will soon be hurting. my car needs a new radiator/grille/hood, and many hoses (glad i just spent $60 on a coolant flush). my dad seems to think that the wagon is fixable, so in the meantime i'll be 2-wheeling. i'll have to take some pictures. the funniest part: immediately after i hit the deer, the hood flipped up across the windsheild, the engine stalled, and my buddy Kevin turns to me and asks if i can make it to the next exit (because he didn't want to have to push my car up the ramp).

- Sunday, July 21, 2002

adult swim

Meatwad: Hey now guys look i do not wanna do anything illegal here, but i will kill somebody in front of their own mamma to get a 10 speed. Now if anybody testifies against me I gouge their eyes out.
Er: Lets go get drunk and rip off a 10 speed.
Meatwad: Yea we'll get a basket and a horn on the handle.

- Friday, July 19, 2002


hot, hot stuff, 7.1million!! wow.

- Thursday, July 18, 2002


- Wednesday, July 17, 2002


know what sux? no longer exists, everything that was once on is now owns, and they want a $5 donation in order to keep the domain names up for a year. F that.

- Tuesday, July 16, 2002

funny IRC quotes

hahahahaha, thanx ralph.

fuel cell

- Thursday, July 11, 2002

find waldo