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- Friday, March 26, 2004

Boxers or briefs?


Because bigger is better

Ern just sent me a link to (making fun of I guess it's prolly only funny to us geeks.
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419 collection

I've been so impressed with the past couple of Nigerian 419 scam emails that I've received that I've decided to start saving them. So from now on I'm going to save them here. There's only two right now, but I usually get about one a week, so it'll probably be updated fairly often.

[Update]: I set the mime type for *.eml to text/plain so they shouldn't open up in your email program anymore (it works fine for me in FB).
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- Thursday, March 25, 2004

"One Nation..."

"...Under God"? No more offensive to me than "Under Christ", "Under Allah", "Under Buddah", "Under Zeus", "Under [insert divine entity here]", etc. - but equally unconstitutional. I could understand if it was "Under Washington", "Under Franklin", or some other founding father, but why does it have to be religous? Ah well, who cares about religious freedom anyway?

I just came across this article on Here are two notable quotes from our commander in chief regarding religious freedom: "The right to have religious beliefs and to freely practice such beliefs are among the most fundamental freedoms we possess" and later: "IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this fifteenth day of January, in the year of our Lord two thousand three". So according to George W. Bush we should all celebrate our freedom to choose one of the many branches of Christianity as our religion.

- Wednesday, March 24, 2004

'Guy Foods' on the History Channel

TiVo grabbed this sweet show that I watched called 'Guy Foods' from the History Channel the other night. It was hosted by Shannen Dougherty and was loaded with lots of bits of useless info, I'll summarize the trivia below:

Hot dogs:
- hot dogs were first sold here by German immigrants for 10¢ each
- Nathan's hot dogs was started by a Jewish immigrant from Poland
- they sold them for 5¢ each and were very unpopular at first because people doubted their quality, even though they were made from top quality beef
- Nathan's decided to give free hot dogs to all doctors who came there with their labcoats on, after people saw that doctors were eating them, they exploded in popularity

- ground beef originated from Germany and was sold only in the finest restaraunts as Hamburg Style Steak
- it was later sold in stands to factory workers as meatballs, until an impatient cook started squashing them down with his spatula because they weren't cooking fast enough on the grill
- later they were first served in a bun at a state fair to make it easier for people to eat on the go
- White Castle was the first chain to serve hamburgers, the place was washed inside and out daily, and the meat was ground right in front of the customers
- McDonalds later sprung up and its grand opening was nearly a miserable failure (sorry I couldn't resist), customers were all waiting in their cars to be served not realizing they had to go inside
- Buger King and Wendy's opened and the success of each was doubted by critics who didn't think the American public needed another burger joint

- originated in Greece (focaccia bread)
- brought into this country by Italian immigrants
- originally served cold to factory workers who put the cardboard boxes onto the radiators and ate the warmed pizza for lunch and later dinner
- exploded in popularity after the World Wars when the US GIs came back from Italy craving the pizza they ate there
- Pizza Hut was the first chain to sell pizza, the only reason for the "hut" was because it was the only word that fit on their sign that made sense
- deep dish pizza, "Chicago Style", was invented by Pizzeria Uno's
- the first place to deliver Pizza was Domino's
- the original was named Dominic's, it was so popular that two more were opened and named Domino's, that is why the domino logo has the 3 dots on it
- shortly after Domino's opened, pizza surpassed Chinese food as being the number 1 delivered food (1969, I think)

Fried Chicken:
- 'Colonel' Sanders dropped out of school in the 7th grade, he worked many jobs and had a hard time holding a steady one
- his fried chicken was originally sold out of a gas station off of a Kentucky interstate
- the chicken was so popular that they had to greatly expand the service station to support all the customers they got
- the interstate was re-routed and the the service station rapidly went out of business
- 'Colonel' Sanders wandered the country selling his blend of 11 spices and herbs to different restaraunts
- finally one of the owners liked it so much that he decided to start a chain with Sanders that would sell the "Kentucky fried" chicken
- the chain was a huge success and Sanders was named an honorary Colonel by the governor
- the whole reason that it is served in buckets is because they accidentally ordered way too many cardboard buckets, they found that 14 pieces fit perfect in them and paired it up with a few sides for $4.something

- originally they were made by slaves for their white owners' parties, they found a whole pig was just big enough
- after slavery was abolished the best barbeque techniques and recipes remained with the now freed slaves
- during segregation the only barbeque joints that sold ribs were located in the "black only" parts of towns
- these rib joints were the first places to have the segregation barriers broken
- limosines would pull up to rib joints located in the poorest sections of towns because the food was just that good

One of the things that I found most interesting about this show was that all these foods were originally served by the poorest people to the poorest people. All of these "All American" foods were created or originally made by immigrants to this country.

(I'll probably update this as I remember more info from the show)


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- Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Top Ten

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- Monday, March 22, 2004

FreeBSD installation attempt corrupted the boot sector, yay!

I got some kind of disk error while trying to install FreeBSD 5.2.1 x86-64. Although I specifically opted to NOT install a boot manager of any kind, after rebooting, I can no longer boot into Windows. You'd think that I'd learn not to attempt an OS installation at 2:30am. After some quick googling, I think I can restore the boot sector by running fdisk /mbr, but I don' t want to screw things up worse.

I've cross-posted my BSD BS onto several message boards, so I'll wait till I get a few responses before I do anything drastic.

Planet AMD64 Forum Index -> Operating Systems

MSI HQ User Community Forum » AMD64 based board

Via Arena > FORUMS > OS Arena > Linux Arena > Forums > *BSD

[EDIT] Well the first thing I tried was fdisk /mbr. After rebooting I could now see the C:, but I got the message OS not installed. So then I tried running some stuff from the XP cd in restore mode (fixboot, fixmbr, bootconfig, etc.). Now when I rebooted I got the NTLDR Is Missing. So then I went through a bunch of complicated steps in a MS Knowledge base article. I still ended up with the NTLDR message. So I threw in the ME CD and began re-installing that onto the C drive, I chose to back-up existing system files and setup crashed during this process and gave me a useless hexadecimal Dos error. After restarting, going into setup, skipping system backup, ME setup now got to 67% complete when I got a SUWIN error. I hit Ignore several thousand times and setup finally completed. After rebooting 5 times, I was back to a functioning machine again. My boot.ini was still intact so my other OSs were left unharmed. The whole process took less than 5 hours ;-) (most was spent googling)

I really want to try *nix/*BSD, but so far it's been nothing but a hassle. Are there any easy to use *nix/*BSD installers, or am I stuck waiting for YaST when SuSE 9.1 comes out in May?

[EDIT again] I think I should also add that not a single bit of important data was lost during this entire process.

- Friday, March 19, 2004

iPod [still] sucks

/. has a nice little article about how the iPod won't be able to save Apple. Maybe a $200 mouse will be able to? ;-)
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File U.S. Income Tax Return Online Without Spending a Dime

"With the help of the tax software prep industry, you can prepare and 'e-file' your return online for free." I know it's a bit late for most people, but you may want to note it for next year.