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- Friday, April 16, 2004

Time to cancel cable?

I just found a site that may rival the TV Shows section of Suprnova -, and best of all... there's an RSS feed.


Channel 9 has yet another great idea posted on it. The idea of combining a Wiki and a programming interface. It sounds like such a good idea, I can't believe no one else has thought of it before. I'd love to use it for the extension I wrote for the "real browser".

689 people who won't be voting for Bush

Bush Mosaic, also here and here (from Synja). Michael Moore has a good follow-up. I don't understand how people can still support that miserable failure.

- Thursday, April 15, 2004

FireFox 0.9 - One Tree Hill (March/April, 2004)

I was just downloading a real browser to install on my new PC so I checked out when the next release of FireFox will be released (haha!).  The planned features sound ok, but the list of bugs is tremendous.  Many of them sound minor, but there're a few that sound like showstoppers.  I haven't found any to submit with this version, just feature requests. I guess I should get crackin'.
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Bonjour underpants (from Davey). Warning: Flash movie contains French people and a cartoon wang.
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Well-written critique of Bush's approach to terrorism and Iraq

A Scary Performance, and a Signal for Slaughter (from my mom). It talks about Bush's Speech the other night and what a miserable failure he is.

News 14 Carolina gets pwnt

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- Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Carpal Tunnel

UT2004 is fun, ow.

Mr. Cranky Pants

Who would scale two barbed-wire fences and climb into an alligator pit to steal an alligator named 'Mr. Cranky Pants'? These morons. Amazingly it's the third time an alligator has been stolen from the park in the past two years.

"We're not using these robots to hand out flowers"

Wired has a neat little article on combat robots. Pretty sweet that technology will save the lives of at least our own soldiers, but I think I'd rather see more non-lethal solutions.