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- Monday, April 26, 2004

Little John in Iraq

You'd probably have to see Chappelle's Show to get why this is funny.

Jay-Z Construction Set

After downloading 2 more torrents of Jay-Z remixes this morning, i decided to visit the artists' links to see WTF the deal is. There is actually a site devoted solely to remixing Jay-Z's Black Album. I still think that the Grey Album is the best so far (Beatles - White Album mash up), but I'm eager to find something better. I've just started listening to the Weezer mash-up and the Metallica and Pavement are downloading now. The funny part is that I never cared all that much for the original Black album.

[Update]: the Metallica one is a horrible piece of garbage, the cadences of the songs barely match up. I don't understand why it keeps showing up on suprnova. The Weezer one is decent, the cadences and moods of each song seem to mostly match up well. The LO2 (Blackfish) is OK, it's better than the Metallica one at least. The Pavement one is probably my second favorite overall (to the Grey Album), it might be because I read the dude's site who did it - he is a University Music Professor working on his PhD.

- Friday, April 23, 2004

Spider Post-its

The Reg has a great write-up about how the technology behind a jumping-spider's hairy legs will be used to help Post-It notes stick, even when wet. Those crazy boffins.

Favicon Generator

While searching for a geek favicon the other night, I found this web-based favicon generator. It'll take *.jpg, *.gif, and *.png. Now I just have to find some images that are legible at 16px by 16px.


Military Guy: Copy Uh-oh. Chopper Dave, we have Uh-oh, over.
Chopper Dave: Uhhh-ohhhhh!
I think Sealab is just as funny when you read it, as when you watch it. Look at how many times they say "Uh Oh".

[Edit]: I just noticed in the script that there is a reference to a UFO having a Canadian flag on it. Coincidence???
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- Thursday, April 22, 2004

That's right: I'll have to see if his essays can change my mind about voting third party, when he finishes them.
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- Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Good Dog & Crazy Driver

Bad Bear & Nice Park Job. Good ol' Ananova Quirkies.
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- Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Uncle John

Whoa! I just found out Uncle John has his own site. Updated almost daily! Number of Hardiman's on the web: 2. (that I know about at least)
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Canadian UFOs

FourSKY's BarMonkey v2.0

The finest bar $2300 can buy. Ralph sent me this but I hadn't seen him or Ern post it yet so I figured I would. It's pretty awesome. (Note the Grey Goose on tap.)
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