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- Tuesday, June 29, 2004

It's the summer of Express on Channel 9

It is a summer of express on Channel 9
I'm still installing the Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition Beta now. Maybe they should've used bittorrent for that gi-normous .NET 2.0 Beta download ;-) I can't wait to win that damn xbox with my l33t c# web skillz.

[UPDATE]: It's installed. At first glance I'd have to say I like it. (standards compliance is always a good thing!) I'd highly recommend grabbing the separate installs for the .NET 2.0 Beta and SQL Server 2005 Beta. Downloading and installing those first will save you a tremendous amount of time. (more versions of Express)
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Firefox 0.9.1

In case you haven't heard it already, Firefox 0.9.1 is out. It installed perfectly fine over top of my 0.9 install (no uninstall BS required).
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- Monday, June 28, 2004

Iraq's new flag

Iraq's new flag [The Onion Infographic]

Anyone have any [f]actual info on the new Iraqi flag?

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- Sunday, June 27, 2004

Bored Cops/Busy Cops (damn thiefs)

My mom called me tonight from her home in Olean NY, to let me know that one of her hanging plants on her porch had been stolen this weekend. Kinda bizarre. The neighbors convinced her to call the police and when she did, two showed up at her house, letting her know that they'd see if they could find her plant. But in Rochester, when you have hundreds of dollars in damage to your vehicle, your stereo stolen, plus fingerprint AND footprint evidence - you aren't even given the courtesy of a visit by a single cop. Score one for small towns, I guess. My landlord was telling me that someone he knew actually had a tree stolen from his front yard. The thief didn't even have a truck waiting or anything. I guess there was a trail of dirt that went on for three blocks. They never found out who did it and never saw the tree again.

- Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Ditch those AIM ads

I'm guessing I'm not the only one who dislikes them so I figured I'd write up a way to remove them. Disclaimer: I'm not responsible if this breaks your AIM.
  • Step 1: install AIM (try not to install the WildTanget or WeatherBug junkware)
  • Step 2: get ResHacker
  • Step 3: locate your AimRes.dll (C:\Program Files\AIM\AimRes.dll), make a backup of it, and open it with ResHacker
  • Step 4: Now the fun part. I'm using AIM 5.5.3595, so if you have a different version you might have to do things differently...
    • In reshacker locate 23 > 323 > 1033 (or whatever language code you're in):
      in the <!-- IDC_AIM_LOGO --> section (line:106)
    • change <moveCenter name='horizontal' value='0.5' />
      to <moveCenter name='horizontal' value='0' />
    • change <moveEdge name='top' constraint='pin' value='5' />
      to <moveEdge name='top' constraint='pin' value='0' />
    • change <moveEdge name='bottom' constraint='float' value='16' />
      to <moveEdge name='bottom' constraint='float' value='0' />
    • change <setSize name='horizontal' value='142' />
      to <setSize name='horizontal' value='0' />
    • in these sections: <!-- IDC_AD_ATE --> (line:117), <!-- IDC_AD_ATE Second Window --> (line:128) and <!-- IDC_VIEW_TREE a place holder--> (line:190) (this last one might already be changed)
    • change <moveEdge name='top' constraint='pin' value='5' />
      to <moveEdge name='top' constraint='pin' value='0' />
    • change <moveEdge name='bottom' constraint='float' value='90' />
      to <moveEdge name='bottom' constraint='float' value='0' />
    • change <setSize name='horizontal' value='120' />
      to <setSize name='horizontal' value='0' />
  • Step 5: The previous step removed the ads, this step will remove their containers...
    In reshacker locate Dialog > 323 > 1033 (or whatever language code you're in): This is the main buddy list window dialog, in reshacker you can customize the controls however you want. Simply Delete the Controls you don't want, then Compile Script, Save, Exit when you're finished (I always back up AimRes.dll every time I do this, just in case).
  • Step 6: Ditch that crappy Today Window. Run regedit, do a Find for ShowAimTodayWindow (it'll be in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\America Online\AOL Instant Messenger (TM)\CurrentVersion\Users\screenname\Misc\). Change the value of ShowAimTodayWindow from 1 to 0.
  • Step 7 (not necessary in latest version): In your AIM folder (C:\Program Files\AIM) rename advert.ocm to advert.bak (if it exists), copy admin.ocm and rename to advert.ocm
  • Final step: Launch AIM and see if it worked, if not, restore the backup of your AimRes.dll (or advert.ocm) and try again if you want.

Migrating from Hotmail to GMail

Scott Hanselman tells you how you can move all your Hotmail to Gmail while still retaining the original "to" and "from". Pretty awesome, but it's too bad it takes the installation of two apps to do it.

- Tuesday, June 22, 2004 RSS feeds

Yet more feeds to jam up your aggregator. Now you'll know the moment there's a new Firefox theme available.
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No 'WHERE'? No way

Technically the 'WHERE' clause is optional. Gotta love the open and close brackets on every line. They could've at least used a stored procedure. Ah well, at least they remembered the .moveNext ;-) (TheDailyWTF is awesome!)

Solar-satellite-supplied power

A recent Wired article talks about getting solar power from space. I wrote a report on this back in high school over ten years ago. Back then the major concerns were the initial cost and the safety of delivering the electricity via concentrated microwave beam. I wonder how much the technology has changed in that time. From what the article says it still isn't good enough, but it seems that the largest barrier is the political one: "Neville Marzwell, advanced concepts innovation technology manager at NASA, spent five years researching methods of improving a satellite's ability to collect solar energy before his program was cut. Marzwell claims that politics played a part in the decision to kill the space solar power program. The United States 'doesn't have the political will to fund the research' because of pressure from fossil-fuel lobbyists, Marzwell said. 'We could have become the Saudi Arabia of the world electricity market,' Marzwell said. But because the coal and oil industries don't want threats to their profits, they applied political pressure, causing the program to be scrapped, according to Marzwell."

- Monday, June 21, 2004


I finally got an invite to gmail. It's pretty awesome. My gmail addy is travis.hardiman&gmail,com (suck it spammers). Speaking of spam, I'll prolly send out a bulk email to everyone in my address book, updating them of my new email once I get the hang of the whole gmail thing. Their HTML source is beautifully obfuscated into javascript - they get mad credit for it IMO. Their code isn't valid HTML but it works seamlessly between browsers so I guess that's ok. Aside from the initial error I received when I signed up, which was easily fixed by deleting the exiting cookie, I haven't had any problems yet. I can't wait to fill up my 1GB inbox.