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- Tuesday, October 19, 2004

700# Bear vs. Man w/shotgun - Result: draw

Only on Ananova Quirkies would you find a story like this. To break out of a 700-pound bear hug, with the butt of your shotgun and only a warning shot - then falling and shooting yourself in the head?!?! At least he lived to tell about it. Of course, thanks to the lapse of the assault weapons ban here in the US he would've been able to squeeze of at least 6 warning shots, and he would've probably shot himself in the head 3 times.

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RIT + TabletPC + OneNote = Yay!

I wish I had a TabletPC and OneNote when I went to RIT. Ern sent me this MS Case Study yesterday. When I took Tech. Transfer at RIT, one of our group assignments was to come up with a new innovation — only two of the innovations didn't involve taking notes in class.

Easiest Way to Upgrade your TiVo

This is probably the best guide to hacking your TiVo I've ever seen. They have quite a few TiVo models and lots of options. I like the way that they filter out the unnecessary instructions by asking you questions. I'm not sure about that PowerTrip delay though, sounds kinda sketchy. I guess they probably have to make money somehow. I'll probably actually put this in my queue of stuff to do, although I doubt I'll get to it before Halloween. (I've had this site open in a Firefox tab for awhile and I have no idea where the original link came from)

- Monday, October 18, 2004

Return of the Killer Snakeheads

After reading this, I'll be expecting a sequel of the Sci-Fi Channel movie.


BBSpot quizzes

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PBS Frontline

Ern sent me a link to this PBS show. He assures me that it is loaded with all kinds of facts about Bush & Kerry. (what about Nader?) He said that he doesn't understand how anyone could ever vote for Bush after watching it. I haven't watched it yet, but I have a feeling I'll agree with him.

- Wednesday, October 13, 2004

People Chips

I think the key to this Wired article is the last paragraph:

"[...] Meanwhile, the chip has been used for a number of security-related tasks as well as for pure whimsy: Club hoppers in Barcelona, Spain, now use the microchip much like a smartcard to speed drink orders and payment."

I can't wait to get my own personal EZ-Pass/Speedpass permanently embedded into my hand!

- Monday, October 11, 2004

China Boy Holly

Lowes has their plants on sale, 50% off. Apparently fall is the best time to plant shrubs as well so Sherry and I picked up a bunch. I was reading the tags from one of the bushes I planted and it says: "This plant is patented; vegetative propagation is prohibited." The plant is a China Boy Holly (Ilex x meserveae 'China Boy'), the reason I bought it was to pollinate the China Girl Holly we have. Apparently Conard-Pyle Company owns Plant Patent #4803 on this bad boy. Since when have you been able to patent a living thing? Well, since 1985 (for plants). Apparently the only reason that plants are allowed to be patented is because companies have invested tons of money in creating these hybrids and they don't want copycats to rip them off. It just seems kinda bizarro to me. I think I'm going to patent Sherry's dog so that I can sue everyone who owns a Brittany-spaniel-mutt - err I mean, keep those copycats from stealing my ideas. Here's another article, lots of them in google.

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IE vs. Fx

Somehow I missed this Monday Matchup on Forbes last week. They have a little slideshow dealy in there too. I'm glad the article exists, because it will make more people aware of Firefox, but it could use a little more detail.

- Thursday, October 07, 2004

Hello World... Again

Well, no thanks to Frontier or Time Warner, I'm back online again. Apparently DSL isn't available in my area yet. It only took a week for Frontier to tell me that. They still haven't fixed a loud-ass buzzing noise in my phone line. Time Warner took their sweet ass time hooking up my cable and RoadRunner. I think my cable modem is older than me. Plus my cable box is an older Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2000. So help me god if that thing crashes even once... eh I'm sure it will. Tomorrow I'll have to find all those cool links that everyone already saw and post them anyway.

[UPDATE]: My phone is almost working again. I lost my dialtone on last Friday because Frontier was "fixing" it. Just a few minutes ago a repairman let me know that I'd have a dialtone again and that I could make local calls. He said he'd call me when I could receive incoming calls again.